Real or Robot?



Conscious  Learning Parenting 

Conscious learning. Learning to love learning. The process and not the result. The teaching and not the marks.

Partho told us a story on how the Robots are getting closer to being human. But I feel, we as humans are getting closer to being a robot.

Because it is so much simpler to get magnetised by a field created by a computer. Or the gadgets. I fear at some point, feeling ‘chemistry’ will just become a nostalgic story.

I don’t remember the last time I pursued attraction. Or celebrated human errors. I miss that. The scratches with the pen. The tears blotting the ink on the paper. The mistakes that have made me feel real.

And I ask myself today.. can I be real mother if I am a robot in every other role of my life?

Thank you Partho, for opening up an unending journey into consciousness, and bringing back the ‘real’ memory of learning


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