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The Dance Movement & Expressive Arts

The Dance Movement & Expressive Arts

Movement for the Mind

Leena Godiwala


Days Time
 Monday  10.00am To 12.00pm


What is Dance Movement Therapy [DMT]? What are its benefits?

DMT is a psychotherapeutic tool using movement and the expressive arts to help alleviate stress, resolve anxiety, free ourselves from trauma, including childhood trauma, no matter how big or small it may be.

It is an experiential journey in self-discovery for physical, social, cognitive emotional and spiritual wellness.

No two sessions are the same! Each session is custom-created to meet the groups need.

The expressive arts [drawing, writing, clay work, painting, music and more] are proven to reduce stress and lower cortisol levels. Movement helps to resolve past or childhood trauma, to build mind-body connection, to re-awaken our creativity, spontaneity & intuition leading us to emotional wellness and often to our true and highest potential.


For Whom?

For couples, Mums & Dads, teachers, adults and adult child caregivers.