My Baby – My Teacher

by Ayesha Mehta

My Baby – My Teacher

The sessions help the mother to get “ammunition” to deal with the responsibility and pleasure of bringing up a baby. The three elements in this workshop are communication, movement and photography.

Level of Difficulty: 1


  • The sessions provide a space for mothers of small infants to come together and form a community.
  • They interact with each other, with their babies and with professionals who help them communicate better with their baby through facial expressions, movements, language, speech, baby sign language and photography.



    Ayesha Mehta

    Science Behind The My Baby – My Teacher

    Prevention is always better than cure. This program promotes early identification of red flags for communication difficulties. Training is given to the mother to prevent speech language and communication difficulties as the baby grows into toddlerhood. This program runs on the premise that a baby up till the age of 3 years learns through facial expressions, listening to the environment, bonding between mother and child how to communicate with its world. Ankyloglossia (tongue tie) and lip ties in babies has been left undiagnosed. Left undiagnosed it can cause deviated nasal septum, deviant gum development, breathing as well as speech language and communication disorders. Early identification and treatment can eliminate the need for lengthy therapy.