Kinetics & Core Control

by Dr. Neha Kothari

Kinetic Control

Kinetics is meant for those who believe they can’t work out due to an injury or imbalance. That window of people who are ‘stuck’ and find themselves without a direction where their bodies are concerned. The workout is conducted with a therapist, who is also well versed in several movements works. Primarily by Dr. Neha Kothari, the founder of Seventh Sense. This creates a bridge between the medical world and the world of Movement and exercise, hence reducing the state of turmoil the patient is generally put through when they have to make their own decisions and choices.

Level of Difficulty – 4


Common topics addressed in kinetics are as follows. Benefits are self-explanatory.

  • Hip and Ankle strategy
  •  Hip Control targeting the Vestibular System.
  • Cerebellum and the fine perception of muscle length and contraction.
  •  Arches of the foot – Challenges.
  • Building the Back -Functionally – block by block.



    Dr. Neha Kothari


    Science Behind Kinetic Control

    Kinetics and Core is my baby. It is a workout that is meant to make you feel alive, positive and ready to face challenges. It has been designed to make therapy less morose and intimidating. Fitness is an internal process not just an external body building technique. It is a feeling. It cannot be measured just by tone, strength, repetitions, inches, etc. I believe that by using the knowledge of therapy, we believe that we can install a ‘Seventh Sense’ in an individual. An Awareness. A sense of self. A Body Image and a sense that becomes their own definition.

    Event Hours(3)

    • Tuesday

      09.00 - 10.00

      Dr. Neha
      Level 2 - Advance

    • Thursday

      11.00 - 12.00

      Dr. Neha
      Level 1 - Beginners

    • Friday

      09.00 - 10.00

      Dr. Neha
      Level 2 - Advance