Heal Using Music (HUM)

by Ayesha Mehta

Heal Using Music

These sessions include the use of rhythm, melody, music as well as intonation as medium to help enhance speech language as well as communication goals. Some of the techniques used to integrate music therapy include the following: Making music with instruments, Movement exercises, Repetitive music listening with headphones, Music and Imagery, Songwriting, Music combined with other creative arts, Rhythmic entertainment therapy.

Level of Difficulty: 1


  • The concept for using music as a form of healing dates back to the times of Plato and Aristotle.
  • The ancient Greek Philosophers thought that music could serve as a therapeutic function for those suffering from many different illnesses.
  • Aristotle believed that if an ideal environment could be achieved the healing process could be accelerated.
  • Music was part of the ideal environment, and at that time, there were healing shrines that housed hymn specialists as well as physicians (Gfeller, K. E., 2002).



    Ayesha Mehta

    Science Behind The My Baby – My Teacher

    It is well-documented that music is the foundation of communication, a concept that is of great interest to Speech & Language Therapists. Speech includes rhythm in the form of syllables and melody in the form of intonation. Early language development is naturally supported by singing nursery rhymes to young children, as there are limited key words and lots of repetition to encourage imitation. Music is fun and motivating and therefore contributes to social development and rehabilitation.