Awareness Through The Body

Awareness Through The Body

Awareness Through the Body is a comprehensive curriculum of exercises that aims to raise awareness and enable children – and adults as well – to become conscious of their own perceptions and abilities so that they may become self-aware, self-directed individuals. The activities are creative and often fun. The programme works by first bringing the individual into a state of receptivity in which he can better “listen” to the many and varied inputs he is continuously receiving from both his inner and outer world. The exercises then allow him to gradually discover the complex amalgam of which he is made and to find the tools to manage this complexity effectively.

27th &  28th April 2019. 9am to 5pm

Level of Difficulty – 3


  • Become aware of the witness attitude and begin to cultivate it
  • Take, give and expect the appropriate amount of responsibility
  • Develop awareness of the interactions between the different parts of the being
  • Become aware of breathing patterns, their effects on the various parts of the being, and how breath can be used to effect changes within the self
  • Understand the use of oneself, and accept one’s own limits and those of others.



    Amir Azulay

    Science Behind Awareness Through The Body

    ATB has been created and implemented in Auroville schools since 1992, by Aloka Marti and Joan Sala, based on their personal experience following the spiritual path of integral yoga of the Mother and Sri Aurobindo and the idea of integral education. Over the years they have have adapted, added to and incorporated knowledge acquired from hatha yoga, dance, Taoism, martial arts, physiotherapy, new games, breathing therapies, relaxation techniques and somatics, among others, into a coherent, sequential curriculum.

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    • Saturday

      09.00 - 05.00