A Deep Guided Relaxation

by Samanth Duggal

A Deep Guided Relaxation

Yoga nidra with singing bowls

A Deepa guided relaxation with the healing sound of  tibetan bowls.

Level of Difficulty:


  • The combination of dance and fitness makes this format a fun choice of exercise! It is a total body workout which helps improve co-ordination and mind-body awareness.
  • Finally the format is designed in a way that helps build strength, endurance, confidence and a community.



    Amrita Kotak

    Science Behind Bolly X

    The BollyX workout was designed using the principles of High Intensity interval Training (HIIT) – periods of high intensity exercise alternating with low intensity activities allow more efficient use of energy in short amounts of time. HIIT also increases EPOC (Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption); this means your metabolism is higher and you burn more calories at rest (within 24 hours) after an interval-based workout session than compared to a steady state exercise session. Finally, the moves incorporated into this format allows big muscle groups to be targeted which allows building of lean body mass and helps to increase fat loss.

    Event Hours(1)

    • Monday

      19.00 - 20.00

      Samanth Duggal