How You Tell Your Story Matters 

 Date :- Sat 18th & Sun 19th Jan 2020

Time :- 9:00 am To 5:00 pm

For details & registrations[email protected]

Contact : 8433945477


’The Heart and Craft of Story telling Workshop’*

This door opens inwards

A 16 hrs intervention/ 2 days intensive workshop and certificate course for moms, dads, grandparents, teachers, story tellers, writers, therapists, educators, professionals and YOU!

  POETRUSIC….. The Power Of Poetry

Date :- Friday 24th Jan 2020

Time :- 11:00 am To 1:30 pm

For details & registrations[email protected]

Contact : 8433945477


Poetrusic is a warp and weft of a performance of poems and a participative process of self-exploration to weave a quilt of words shot through with feelings and experiences.

In this workshop we invite you to share and celebrate the almost magical process of listening to poems and create your own magic with art and words. A heady mixture of poetry performance interspersed with interactive processes enables us to immerse ourselves in the poems and simultaneously explore our inner selves through poetry, art, music, and movement.

The performance is a montage of poems from here there and everywhere, including some of our own, that capture moments, moods and slices of life. The selection includes poems by Maya Angelou, Charles Bukowski, Nissim Ezekiel, and Manglesh Dabral to mention a few.

Performed and Conducted by

Smita Vyas Kumar

Shivali Parkash

Neeti Singhi

Rachna Toshniwal

Shubha Shah

Directed by Niketan Sharma and Roo Jhala McLaughlin

 The powerful play goes on and you may contribute a verse….what will your verse be?