Elevation and Height/ Mood and Posture

Sometimes it takes years for the bones to change position. Years of no one watching. You sit at a dinner table, sometimes tired and slouched. Sometimes upset and slouched. Sometimes habitually slouched.

But nothing seems to hold you up against a downward pull. Until one day, you walk into a clinic and the doctor says, “Sir, you have a crooked spine. Get an X-Ray and an MRI done.”

Suddenly you feel pushed into a new direction. Where is the time to ask yourself, “Do I want to go down this route?”

The Seventh Sense has been designed as a Movement Centre. Not a Gym.

When you move with an awareness, you move with a conversation, with your body.

My son asked me today. What is Elevation? Is it height?

Yes. It may mean lifting up. But the context is so different for both.

Is the person you love tall in the spine and happy?  Or maybe, you haven’t noticed.  We are their mirrors, and maybe today is when we can reflect an observation to make a difference.


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