The Story of Roo

Finland. Conifers. Fire. Cones. The senses that have saved me from life itself. When the exhaust of fatigue has taken over and left me wondering how every minute has been so full of seconds. When the enormity of responsibility has overwhelmed me. When the fatigue has gone so deep that it has numbed my soul. Wind. Pedals. Heat. Mud. And a Note That tears A Sound That pierces The warmth of nostalgia has saved me from life itself. When I have felt I am being held in my fathers' arms, warm, big and comforting. The senses that have saved me from a crude world. That uses and uses, over and over again. And then, I think of Seventh Sense. And how it comes from a space of completeness. Where nostalgia melts into sounds Where memories meet...


Real or Robot?

    Conscious  Learning Parenting  Conscious learning. Learning to love learning. The process and not the result. The teaching and not the marks. Partho told us a story on how the Robots are getting closer to being human. But I feel, we as humans are getting closer to being a robot. Because it is so much simpler to get magnetised by a field created by a computer. Or the gadgets. I fear at some point, feeling 'chemistry' will just become a nostalgic story. I don't remember the last time I pursued attraction. Or celebrated human errors. I miss that. The scratches with the pen. The tears blotting the ink on the paper. The mistakes that have made me feel real. And I ask myself today.. can I be real mother if I...