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Manual Physiotherapy

Very often, Joints – capsules, facets, discs – get locked in positions. They then cause spasms in muscles around them. Releasing these joints becomes mandatory. For this, specialized Manual Techniques, which release the joint, WITHOUT causing hypermobility are used. Manipulation is sometimes required, but it has to be done in a way that it doesn’t cause damage to normal tissues. This technique is all about judgement – not too much, just enough.

  1. PalanpurSamaj Kendra – Distinction in Physiotherapy
  2. Indian Association of Physiotherapists – Registration Indian Association of Physiotherapists
  3. Academy of Rehab Sciences – Myofascial Release And Trigger Points (Shoulder)
  4. Academy of Rehab SciencesThe Pelvic Complex
  5. Academy of Rehab Sciences , Chembur Cortex
  6. Academy of Rehab Sciences, MumbaiHemiplegic Rehabilitation
  7. Academy of Rehab SciencesLumbar Spine Integrated Approach
  8. Academy of Rehab Sciences, ChemburHip Motor Control/Dysfunctions & Management
  9. Academy of Rehab Sciences Current Taping Techniques
  10. Academy of Rehab Sciences, ChemburPelvic Complex Integrated Approach
  11. Academy of Rehab SciencesMobilisation & Core Control on Stability Equipments
  12. Manual Concepts, Western Australia Manual Therapy-Lumbar & Cervical Spine
  13. Curtin University, Perth, South AustraliaManual Therapy Course

Neurological Physiotherapy (Brain and its Connectivity – Applications in Therapy)

Disturbance in neurological circuits- irritability or hypofunction can cause an imbalance in the firing to the muscles, and hence an imbalance in then body. Our body then compensates for this by stressing the normal side, thus causing increase in arthritic changes on that side. which circuit needs to get targeted? Very often, a few corrections can go a long way. Secondly, Pathological brain damage results in the inability of a patient to perform normal day to day functions smoothly. We try to enhance the function either by stimulating what has been partially lost, or by working on the functions using another part of the brain. Independence in gait and function, gives a tremendous sense of freedom.


Visceral Manipulation

Our organs are considered a ‘second mind’. They respond very easily to daily stresses. The mobility of the organs with respect to each other and the motility that is the movement of the organ within itself, are of great importance. When affected they cause symptoms ranging from back pain to emotional reactions. VM aims towards normalizing this motion and improving several bodily functions in the process.


Craniosacral Therapy

Cranisacral therapy involves a light touch of the practitioners hands, both for diagnosis and treatment. It is a gentle, non invasive technique that involves ‘listening with the fingers’ to the body’s subtle rhythms and patterns of inertia and congestion.
By normalizing the environment around the brain and the spinal cord, we enhance the healing process. Hence a wide range of problems from sports injuries to neurological dysfunctions can be corrected.


Kinetic Control & Corrective Exercise Programs

Very often, incorrect movement patterns result in pain. Our culture is now moving towards gymn, yoga, running and sports. These faulty patterns of movement, don’t allow a person to master the form of exercise they choose. We aim towards diagnosing sites of uncontrolled movement and restoring the mechanics around joints, to enable smooth, non frictional movements, that enhance (rather than damage) your system.